What is Off The Grid Streamers?

Off The Grid Streamers, also known as OTGS or OTGstreamers, is a Twitch channel based community of small streamers. OTGS is a place for small streamers to gain more exposure, while viewers also have a one-stop shop for meeting new streamers! Based on our members' availabilities, we have created a weekly schedule for them to stream on the OTGstreamers channel. In short, we're like a TV channel, but of small streamers on Twitch!

Our goal is to continue to grow through exposure and networking. OTGS was created to support small streamers and help them grow their personal streams due to a lack of focus we have seen throughout Twitter and Twitch. Our OTGfam is a community of motivated individuals who want to see one another exceed. The support and family-like environment of OTGS is what sets up apart from other communities.

OFF the grid streamers is comprised of two factions

OTGS consists of OTGStreamers and OTGS Elite

Why do we have two factions?

We have two factions so streamers can decide to choose one or the other based on their commitment and dedication to streaming. Both factions will receive OTGfam love and support, but we wanted to make OTGS welcoming to those who don't have the time to stream onto OTGS directly or are of age to be an Elite member.

OTGS Discord Server

Join the OTGS community server for information, updates, and to get to know our OTGFam!


Interested in joining #OTGS and becoming a part of a tight-knit community of streamers?

Feel free to contact us below with any questions/comments/or a request for an application

You can also check us out on Twitter and Facebook

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Donations will go towards furthering the OTGstreamers community!

You are by no means obligated to make donations, but they are appreciated as they will help fund giveaways and exposure while we continue to grow. Funds will also be used for our OTG family members to thank them for their continued support and dedication to streaming!


Off The Grid Streamers is Partnered with an upcoming apocalyptic based MMO video game


We're proudly sponsored by GalvanizedGrips and INTO THE AM!

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